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Towards Understanding – Review

"There is but a child in me, waiting to escape. To see the wonders of the world, And rid herself of hate" writes Lillian Brummet, in the poem "Trapped", which illustrates a longing for the love she had not experienced during childhood. Lillian is a free-lance writer and her first full-length book of poetry entitled, Towards Understanding, adequately reflects this collection of poems in its entirety… Every poem is a journal – a poetic diary that deals with trials and overcoming strife. Her muses genuinely articulate anger, love, disappointment, friendship and endeavors to understand others. Lillian’s style of writings consists of mostly rhyme with a touch of free verse. My personal favorite is "Bad Weather", not only because she cleverly uses nature as a metaphor to depict her mood, but also because she showed superb use of imagery when describing how gloom becomes tangled in her hair. This book is organized in chronological order according to the year in which the work was written. Those who like reading poetry that questions society and depicts true life experiences will enjoy this book of poetry."

~ Nadia Brown, Poet & Author