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Hi Shelly: 
I do not (r)eject poets. I (r)eject poems. Therefore I am open to unlimited submissions from any poet. I actually got a kick out of your poem, and I’ll consider it for TGAPS 4. THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTANCE. After I collect a lot of ‘considered’ poems, then much later I review them and decide which ones to accept for publication. It takes me a long time to find poems I want to publish. Volumes 1 took 2 years, and 2 and 3 took 4 years each. If I can find what I’m looking for in a year, then #4 will come out in 2 years. TGAPS is not a typical magazine; it’s a serial anthology that works like a magazine. 
But I am under no issue pressure to put out a publication on any schedule.  
I do not compromise my standard of excellence and fill up pages with bad poems (oxy-moron) to meet deadlines. And because of that selection process I am prejudiced about TGAPS since I consider the volumes to be among the best collections of contemporary poetry available anywhere if not actually the very best ones of all. LZ

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