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Archive for November 2020


Hi Arthur: The way I see it the word “opinionated” applies to someone who has very strong opinions and will not tolerate discussion or criticism of their cherished o(pi)nions.  They will roll up the glazed-over windows of their irrational minds and drive away into darkness the second anyone peels back the layers of their superficialities,…

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Hi Ted:  Thanx but I can’t use these ten poems because they are not what I am looking for.  I loathe uninhabited writing about nature with platitude attitude plastered on the end smothered with philosophikill pontificaSHUNS euFEMising the propieties of conventional, wisedum, die-a-tribing, her-anguing blitherings memeCRYING the misosophikill conjeerings of the politikill historikill-hysterikill ROR of…

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Hi Shelly: I do not (r)eject poets. I (r)eject poems. Therefore I am open to unlimited submissions from any poet. I actually got a kick out of your poem, and I’ll consider it for TGAPS 4. THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTANCE. After I collect a lot of ‘considered’ poems, then much later I review them and decide which ones…

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Hi Don:  Why keep submitting?  Because you just might have a poem I’d want to publish.  Look, 99.99% of all poems ever written are junk mail.  I’m looking for that .01%.  Hard to find. Never know where I’ll find it.  You could send me 50 poems and I’d probably reject them all.  But then you’d…

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