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A Fadeaway Dream of Justice to Redeem – Review

This is definitely the most unique book of poetry that I have read to date. The author uses poetry to express the defendant’s version of a real-life cover-up case that occurred at a middle school in California in the year 1996. The only sections in the book that are not fact were when the dream-like-sequence began between the judge and the magic mirror that reveals the facts of the case he misjudged.

This style of poetry is not the variety I would normally read due to the simplistic rhyming schemes, however it clearly is an excellent resource for the author to tell her is a story – an unsolved mystery of shocking police brutality. A young female victim of inappropriate touching and physical abuse from a police officer experiences harsh court battles when the officer fudged the report.

This book of poetry can serve as an excellent warning to never fully trust those who we have placed in a position of trust (lawyers, cops, school officials, or anyone else). Who makes them worthy of our trust? Certainly not the uniform they wear or the title they hold.

ISBN#: 0967454301
Author: Heide Marie Vlarde
Publisher: Crookbook Press

~ Lillian Brummet – Book Reviewer – Co-author of the book Trash Talk, a guide for anyone concerned about his or her impact on the environment – Author of Towards Understanding, a collection of poetry.