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Leaving the Hall Light On – Madeline Sharples – Lucky Press

Leaving the Hall Light On by Madeline Sharples is a thoroughly riveting and emotionally wrenching glimpse into a heart-destroying time in her life when her bipolar son Paul committed suicide. To have gone through that experience and its aftermath had been a huge challenge to her and her husband’s physical, emotional, and spiritual abilities to cope with a tragedy neither one had expected to happen though they both had known that such an end had come to many other men and women suffering from Paul’s condition. Finding the strength to bear through its happening and the self-recriminations that had followed had allowed Madeline and Bob and their other son Ben to face the harsh passing of a son and brother. Written with deep understanding of and compassion for Paul’s predicament which had led to his suicide, Madeline’s wonderful book reveals how a family survives suicide and its heart-and-mind-crippling pain without losing affection and love for a son and brother no longer with them.

Leaving the Hall Light On will be released on May 8, 2011,

by Lucky Press.