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Hi Ted:  Thanx but I can’t use these ten poems because they are not what I am looking for.  I loathe uninhabited writing about nature with platitude attitude plastered on the end smothered with philosophikill pontificaSHUNS euFEMising the propieties of conventional, wisedum, die-a-tribing, her-anguing blitherings memeCRYING the misosophikill conjeerings of the politikill historikill-hysterikill ROR of the CANT-OS by Oozer Ounce and the reliJUICE blatherings of the F(WHORE) Q(WAR)TITS and THE WAISTBAND of Cheese Helliot.  In other words, you got to veer far and clear from slathering up to the blanderings of barditry mani(n)fested by the two best-selling bloets in HUM(eerie)ca, Merely Holyveer and Willy-Nilly Cool-lines. That was fun to write – no insult intended. Just tooling around with words. Really, Ted, my ad-vice:  take a week off and quit or dump these inani(tease) and do REEL he(ART). You know how to write.  And I think you know how to art.  Stop trying to enshrine yourself in posterity with BUSYBODY CHANTS.   Entertain the masses with writing they have no clue how to do. LZ 

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