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Stan:  I have been in the po’ biz off and on since 1978.  Before that I lived in Honolulu in the early 70s. One day browsing thru the poetry section at the public library in downtown Honolulu, I found a copy of Tristan Tzara’s THE APPROXIMATE MAN.  I sat down at a table and read the whole book of a little over 100 pages and I was fascinated by the language and imagery but totally disoriented. And wondering about this poet, I researched him and the Dada movement which originated in Switzerland before World War 1.  Reading your five poems, brought back memories of Tzara and Dada.  You have a great flair for poetry, but your poems(?) totally disorient me. Dada and Tzara in their experiments, intending to create new levels of meaning (higher planes of consciousness), haphazardly created the destruction of all meaning by replacing it with meaninglessness flaunting the phantasmagorikill googoogagarama use of language. They should have used Dada to create a new level of meaningfulness but they were blind to the possibility. Their literary destruction presaged the savage destruction and mindless death of WW1. Surrealists and Ashbery and all their ill ilk went on other rampages of meaninglessness in their writing careers.  If you are a disciple of those writers, I sincerely advise you to use your flair for imagery and write stuff that is not a paean to vulgar discontinuity, obscene insubstantiality, and colossal fragmentation of mind and consciousness.  That journey is a dead end for poetic language become tungdung.  And if you persist on that trip, your poetry will never create good or even great poems worth readng and remembering. The common man and common woman will ignore you and your so-called poetry which is the greatest sin of writing “news that stays news” (more like “noise that preys for noise”) expounded by that infamous notorious violater of literary trust whose ouncian cuntrawdickwhorey mindflogging “great work?” THE CANNED TOES  (alway stub you feet as they eat your head) is (bewilderingly) so beloved by academia. You need to take your style beyond Tzara and Ashbery and stop writing for scholars. Invent a new way with words and images and symbols to connect the thoughts and feelings and ideas and emotions you feel you are compelled to communicate in poetry.  Poetry is the craft of writing which creates the work of art called poem. Poem is hoem to meaning.  Meaninglessness belongs in the anal m(I)nds of bedlamite assassins of civilization ordaining fraudulent pandemics, incarcerating lockdowns, nihilistic masks, and oxymoronic social distancing.  It Aint Poem Stuff.  LZ