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TGAPS is the most open site to submit to.  I accept unlimited submissions so I can find what I am looking for which I don’t know until I find it.  A writer could submit 50 pieces to TGAPS and have them all rejected, but then the 51st piece is accepted because it just happens to be what I’m looking for.  That’s the way I have run this anthology series for 18 years, and I have been fortunate enough to find what I was looking for to fill up three volumes of poems from poets from all over the world.  Volume 1 took almost three years to fill; volume 2 took 4; and volume 3 also took 4.And I intend to do Volume 4 the exact same way simply because it works for me.  However this time around I think it will take longer to complete. I reject writing from everybody who submits until a writer submits what I’m after.  No writer should be offended by multiple rejections. I treat every writer the same. My money pays for this literary project, and so I do it my way, not the writers’ ways.  LZ

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