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Hi Arthur:

The way I see it the word “opinionated” applies to someone who has very strong opinions and will not tolerate discussion or criticism of their cherished o(pi)nions.  They will roll up the glazed-over windows of their irrational minds and drive away into darkness the second anyone peels back the layers of their superficialities, exposing the thoughtless abyss beneath their contrived, arbitrary consciousness.  I’m the complete opposite.  Attack my opinions and bleed them dry. Prove me wrong-headed and narcissistically egomaniacal.  Let’s get it on.  I love a great fight straight to the life of it all.

Problem is no one out there wants to take me on.  Just like very few out there would buy the anthologies I published, not even for the ninety-nine cents I charged for fifteen years for pdf copies of the books.  Poets by and large want everything for free and then when you give it to them, they rarely say thanx.  I invested tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours putting these books together mostly all by myself.  I spent thousands of dollars advertising the books to no avail because I only sold about $4,000 worth of books.  In my view point the poetry world desecrated a holy crusade to compile collections of poems actually worth time reading and cherishing.

The poetry niche in our culture is a blowhard’s junkyard for 99.99% of all p(o)ets.  The true bards of American civilization are the stand-up comedians who genuinely relate to the common man.  The vast majority of paper poets waste everyone’s mind with their hojpoj-garbaj-baraj of mumbo-jumbo-gumbo mish-mash-mush poetreek. 

I gave you all three volumes of TGAPS.  READ THEM!!! The books are full of good poems and even some great ones — roll models for all poets to learn from and pioneer new styles of writing truly avaunt-garb p(hoem)s.

I like your poem, but the two stanzas where you regress to run-on fragments ruin the grammatical and syntactical continuity of the writing.  If you want to leave it as is, you will have a blatantly & flagrantly flawed poem.  I suggest you toss out the fragments fragging the minds of the reader and fine-tune the sophistication of the writing.

I could do it for you, but I think you best should pursue it since it’s your
half-finished work of art.


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