Final Cover

Poet - po et, po eat, po id, po ode.

Poetaches’ bloetaches goofaw it all.

Poetic language spiders weave word webs capturing meaning's meanings one me-aning at a t(i'm).

Poetics’ musaics are a viewty to behold.

Poetray displays, portrays and replays the same old wordplay's playlessly playless playlessness.

Poetreek's firing squads of words execute sentences of death to life.

Poetic language spiders weave word webs capturing meaning's meanings one me-aning at a t(i'm).

Poeticalizingly poeticalizing poeticalizers poeiticalizingly poeticalize poeticalizingly poeticalizing

poeiticalizations. In other words, poeticizingly poeticizing poeticizers poeticizingly poeticize

poeticizingly poeticizing poeticizations. In other words, poetically poetical poeticals poetically poetical

poetically poetical poeticalities. In other words, poets poet poems, leading you to the inverse

proposition that poems poem poets. In other words, thinkers think thoughts.

Poetry matters when poetry matter creates poems whose poem

matter matters more than poetry matter.

Poetruth: truet, truetry, truem, truesy, truetics.

Poetreek’s v(I)le foullies saturate harlotry’s s(hole).

Poetry presents itself as poetreat (v[her]se)or poetreek (v[hearse]).

Poetry, as hyperbole about something, never being something, says everything about something,

saying nothing of something, says everything about the poet's reaction to something.

Poetry, more than meets the I, raises issues such az 'iz-u-iz-r-iz-u-aint a poemmaker?

Poetry, mysterious word magic, conjures up poems, miracles of meaning, one meta5 at a time.

Poem readers, fast becoming mythological creatures, are going extinct one m(ass)(me)dia  enterteenmind at a time.

Poetry, sideways thinking, h(over)ing horizontally, looks to the left and to the right for claritease.

Poetry writers, loathing poems, love writing poemless poetry. 

Poetry written with a dull pencil is pointless. 

Poetry's armies of emotions corpsing through the heart renewsoundsingly. 

Poetry, custom, usage and practice of poets, conjures up exquisite literary artifacts called poems.

Poetry makes poems happen and poems make poetry happen.

Poetry. Pretty poetry. Ugly poetry. Pretty ugly poetry. Ugly pretty poetry. Pretty pretty poetry. Ugly ugly poetry.

Poetryism's poets writing poetry about poets writing poetry about poems.

Poetrypoetry, poetry about poetry, mirrors artart, art about art. 

PoetryPoetry’s atrophy trophy goes to the Noise Boys of the SeenScene.

Poetry flaneurs saunter up and down the page hauntingly, gabbing about guff-n-gaff tauntingly.

Poetry’s foppery factory manufactures lookalike soundalikes.

Poetry’s future and future’s poetry will never get along with each other.

Poetry's post-mortem: If poetry is dead, great poems will live on forever.

Poetry’s a blood sport.

Poetry’s mechanism; poem organism. Poetry’s means; poem meaning.

Poetry’s problem’s poetry takes itself too sinceriously.

Poetry's marketplace is outer space since planet people hardly read it at all.

Poetry's poem-packed commuter trains wistfully speed toward posterity, yearning for literary immortality.

Poetry's popularity's popular unpopularity.

Poetry's stature within society's about the same as without.

Poets hoo matter write poems hoo matter.

Poets are dreamers dreaming dreams dreaming poets dreaming dreams

mirror-imaging mirror images of poets dreaming dreams dreaming poets dreaming dreams

on and on and again and again ad (knaw)seum ad infinightoom.