Final Cover

Poetry is sound holier than silence.

Poetry is the craft of writing which creates the work of art called poem.

Poems are heart bombs exploding in the mind.

Poets are paraphrasers paraphrasingly paraphrasing the mysteriously mysterious mystery of timelessly timeless time.

Poetry’s ear-thrilling eye-thralling language, heart-thrilling head-thralling images,

and joy-thrilling awe-thralling meanings endure as mankind’s sovereign souvenirs.

Poetry uses pointed words to make a fatuously petty point, a preeningly pithy

point, or some other pointy point pointedly in between.

Poetry understands what it means to fully imagine what it’s like.

Poetry protocol preordains the perpetration and perpetuation of perspicuity and perspicacity.

Poetry pretending to be legend stuff cancels itself out through self-immolation

by calling too much attention to itself through self-emulation.

Poetry people who write people poetry are popular poetry people.

Poetryism’s poets writing poetry about poets writing poetry about poems.

Poetry only matters if poetry creates poems. Poetry creating no poems matters not at all.

Poetry reads no one anymore.

Poetry, mysterious word magic, conjures up poems, miracles of meaning, one meta5 at a time.

Poetry looks into the mirror and sees scantily-clad imaginations frolicking in the seize of time.

P(home)s hoem dre(am)s.

Poem readers, fast becoming mythological creatures, are going extinct one m(ass)(me)dia  enterteenmind at a time.

Poet dweebs, practition practitioners practitioning practitioningly,

dribble trivel and drivia on pages for the ages so they sages.

Poesays’ v(hearse)aic prose and prosaic v(hearse) v(hearse)ifies idioem and methode into momentoems and memoems.

Poemonuments and poementos blanket the illitterairy mindscape with silhouettes

of shadows and echoes of meaninglessness skinnydipping in the Muse’s dry waterhole.

Poet dweebs, practition practitioners practitioning practitioningly,

dribble trivel and drivia on pages for the ages so they sages.

Poetry's the epoch epic of department deportment of the disestablishment clash with the establishment.

Poetry's the practice ractice actice of poets oets ets crafting rafting afting poems oems ems.

Poetry’s Awesome Marketing Muscle: Every Poet’s Guide to Becoming a Poetry

Billionaire, by Sudo Nim, offers every poet starving in a garret the most crucial

steps to achieving true poetry freedom from m(ar[t)ur(d]um) to he(art).

Poetry's history's a millenia-long (Coin)Verse)(Say)Sheen).

Poets get at poetry, poetry gets at poems, and poems get at people.

Poets, approximately approximate approximators, approximately approximate

approximately approximate approximations.

Poets, articulately articulate articulaters, articulately articulate articulately articulate articulations.

Poets, devotedly devout devotees of the Alm(high)ty M(you)z, dabble playfully in the impossibilities of language.

Poets, fringelings parading on life's periphery, are crazy lone gunmen firing magic bullets of luuuuuuuv.

Poets traffic in odes and aints and bites of pizzas topped with vacuities from the void.

Poets stab people with poetry, shoot people with poetry, bomb people

with poetry, kill people with poetry, and bury poetry with people.

Poets, trope troopers, traipse across a battlefield of conflicting emotions.