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 Volume 4 of The Great American Poetry Show was published as a digital edition in 2021 as the fourth volume in a series of poetry anthologies to be published about every five years. For this volume the publisher republished Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Urthkin, a literary magazine whose sole two volumes were published in 1978 and 1979. The writers published in Volume 1 of Urthkin included Kathryn Machan Aal, Nova Trimble Ashley, Steven Ford Brown, E. G. Burrows, William Doreski, L. S. Fallis, Michael C Ford, Charles Ghigna, William Heath, Terry Kennedy, Charles Lynch, G. E. Murray, Opal L. Nations, Kevin Pilkington, Nikki Selditz, Mary Kathryn Stillwell, John Stevens Wade, Peter Wild, and many more. The writers published in Volume 2 of Urthkin included Morgan Alexander, Michael Andrews, Steven Ford Brown, Joan Colby, Paul H. Cook, Dennis Cooper, Alice Fulton, John Harris, Tom Hawkins, Haywood Jackson, Ronald Koertge, Michael G. Leigh, Martin Levy, Carol Lewis, Gerald Locklin, Mark McCloskey, Sterling D. Plumpp, Shreela Ray, Doren Robbins, sarah, Nikki Selditz, Laurel Speer, Meg Vitali, Scott D. Wannberg, Dave Ward, A. D. Winans, F. N. Wright, and many more. If you love poems, you will find great enjoyment in reading Volume 4 of The Great American Poetry Show.