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Volume 1 of The Great American Poetry Show, a four-color hardcover edition, was published in 2005 as the first volume in a series of poetry anthologies to be published about every five years. The editors chose this publishing schedule to give themselves enough time to put together what they considered to be excellent collections of poems. For Volume 1, ads requesting submissions of poems in English were placed in several poetry magazines. Within three and a half years, quicker than expected, Volume 1 was published. The editors reviewed over 8,000 poems and selected 113 poems by 84 poets from all walks of life. The poets published included Ronald Douglas Bascombe, Anne Myra Benjamin, Sara Berkeley, G. C. Brown, Alan Catlin, Ruth Daigon, Stephanie Dickinson, Doug Draime, Hector E. Estrada, Michael C Ford, Brad Johnson, Zane Kotker, Lyn Lifshin, Nicholas Pastrone, Walt Peterson, Miriam Sagan, Nicki Selditz, Tom Smith, Elizabeth Wilder, Fredrick Zydek, and many more. If you love poems, you will find great enjoyment in reading Volume 1 of The Great American Poetry Show.